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Repair or Replace? Which to Choose for Wood Floor Water Damage?

You have returned home to find water-damaged wood floors due to a busted pipe or a leaking sink. Is it time to learn how to install engineered hardwood flooring yourself, or can you simply patch the damaged boards? The answer to this question is contingent on several variables. Given that not everyone in the United States has a water damage issue at home every day, various variables must be considered. We understand that wood floor water damage is a significant inconvenience; thus,  Floor Repair Reno has collected the experience and knowledge to share them with you with decades of servicing clients. Then let us briefly go over the factors that indicate whether a new floor should be installed or simple water damage repairs should be performed. 

How Long Has the Wood Floor Water Damage Happened?  

Firstly, is to figure out how long ago the flooding or water damage occurred. If the water came into touch with your floors within the last several hours, you might be responsible for cleaning the spill with minimal damage. Unfortunately, when you are out of the city, and the water sat for more than a few hours, if not days, your floors are in serious trouble. The longer water can harm, the further potential you will have to replace your wood floors.

If you are not sure when the damage happened, look for these symptoms that the water has had too much time to do its damage:

  • The flooring is dingy and soiled.
  • Some of the planks are buckling or cupping.
  • Nails are protruding from the raised boards.
  • Mold has started to grow.

The shape of the floors is usually the first sign that they need to be changed. Even if the boards appear to be dry, if a lump appears, or the floor begins to cup, you are likely dealing with the condition that requires more than minor repairs.

Search Where the Water Is Coming

The sort of water that caused the damage is another factor that impacts whether you can repair your floors. Many individuals are unaware that different types of water may create significant issues.

Seawater: Whereas saltwater is not harmful to humans, it can be very damaging to your floors. Your floors potentially suffer significant surface damage if you have flooded from the sea or even if you turn over a saltwater tank indoors. The sooner the saltwater is removed, the further probably you are to be able to simply re-stain the floors rather than having to replace them.

Blackwater: The most dangerous sort of water damage to your floors is this one. This liquid is contaminated by overflowing toilets, backed-up sewage systems, neighboring streams, and other causes. Because blackwater contains hazardous germs that can cause diseases in humans and animals, it is considered dangerous. Floor Restoration in Reno states that rather than repairs, you will almost certainly have to pay for a new installation.

Greywater: Alas, if your dishwasher or clothes washer leaks, it is most likely not clean water. Greywater, sometimes known as "dirty water," has been contaminated. These chemicals are not particularly harmful, but they are enough to make the water suspect. Consider bleach, detergents, and food particles, for example.

Cleanwater: When it comes to mending rather than replacing, this type is your best bet. There are no hazardous microorganisms in clean water. Most of the time, it originates from your sink, faucet, bathtub, shower, or even a hose. You have a chance to remove the water promptly and restore the damaged areas as long as it hasn't been exposed to toxic chemicals or dirty materials.

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